Thursday, April 23, 2009

New! Now in Japanese!

There's now a Japanese translation of this blog. Yay! There is also a Spanish version, and a French version (sorry, I don't know the URL yet -- let me know if you do).

I don't read those languages (or not well enough) and am not in a position to "approve" them, but I'm fine with their existence. If you want to start another translation, be my guest -- send me a link to the blog so I can update this page. If you see a mistake in a translation, just contact the translator directly. (However, I do not want to see copies of my blogs appearing. There's no point for those, and typically sites that copy popular blogs are just trying to attract eyeballs to their ads by reproducing popular material without putting any creative work into it.)


  1. There is also another Spanish translation made by some guys from the Python Argentina[*] community:


  2. Thanks for the link, Guido! By the way, I'm making the translation writing reStructuredText files ( that gets transformed in HTML with a very simple script (made with Python, of course). It goes without saying that this files are at your complete disposition.

  3. Hi Guido,

    I couldn't find a Portuguese translation so I'm starting one at
    I've began today and I hope by the weekend I'll finish translating all posts. If anyone wants to help me, I'll be very grateful.
    And thank you, Guido, for this wonderful language, for this blog, and for letting us translate to those who can't read English.

  4. a Simplified Chinese translation:

    I just finish the first post.

  5. For those keeping track of translations, there's now an Italian translation of at least one post at (not sure what the series URL would be).


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